Creative Transformation

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Viviane Chen

Viviane Chen

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San Francisco Bay Area

Tel: (650) 330-1108 or (510) 292-9247

Vivian Chen

Viviane's Background

  • Viviane has consulted and taught "The Feng Shui you Naturally Know" throughout the United States
  • In addition, Viviane has trained in:
    • Five Elements Feng Shui & Facial Diagnosis, with the Lotus Institute of Lillian Garnier Bridges
    • "Clear Home, Clear Heart," with Eric Dowsett
    • Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing, with Karen Kingston
    • Earth Healing, with Richard Creightmore and Cathryn McNaughton
  • Viviane is a licensed architect (currently non-active)

Viviane's principal work is to help people find the place of balance between their space, themselves and their intentions. She finds great joy in the harmony that creative transformation through "Natural Feng Shui" brings to her life and the lives of those who seek her help - restored balance and improvements in well being, health, creativity, personal growth and prosperity.

In Feng Shui consultations, she reviews information for the occupants and space, detects disturbances in Qi flow, physical placement and Five Element Principles. She supports and anchors balance through a blessing meditation, spatial and personal clearing, interior design and exterior spatial adjustments as needed.

She also provides individual consultations with a personal review, clearing and applying Feng Shui Five Elements Principles to support Life Transformation Coaching.

She practiced architecture in the field of health, working with people and the environment for over 20 years. Finding fresh inspiration, in 1998 she turned her focus to the energetic aspects of people and space, developing a naturally oriented Feng Shui. Her work integrates Space and Personal Clearing as ways to energetically clear, enhance and align life energy with the environment.

Her practice is founded in the dynamic relationship we have with our environment. Our homes and places of business can reflect our state of being and vice versa. Clearing and Natural Feng Shui are effective ways to transform and release whatever does not support our present intentions; and to activate creative flow in our lives. Viviane brings a loving heart, with refined intuitive and sensing skills to help clients live fully intentioned lives with new vitality. Her background in architecture and psychology provides her with a deep understanding about the process of revitalizing our environment when we have outgrown the existing.

As Viviane became open to energy in her life, she experienced a time of trials with health and life. With full renewal of health and outlook, she shares with those who seek, a way of being with our environment, our community, our awareness and our body. What Chinese call, "Heaven, Earth and Man" is the opportunity by which we all balance this precious moment on earth. She continues to consult throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


When is Feng Shui and Space Clearing helpful?

It's appropriate, when in your home, business, relationships, finances, health and/or life situation, you:

  • are seeking balance well being and creative flow
  • to remodel or build with Feng Shui considerations
  • are seeking to find new space that will support you
  • are feeling stuck, uncomfortable and/or uneasy
  • are creating life changes
  • are wanting to be more fully in your life and environment with greater vitality, health, abundance and well being
  • want to honor your blessing

How does it work?

Viviane may use Natural Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Personal Clearing and Dowsing. The essence of her work is based the open hearted mind, focused in unconditioned love to allow balance and support others intentions. In support of well being and transformation, her work helps those who seek her to:

  • Find the source of disturbance in their space
  • Find the source of personal disturbances and clutter
  • Support their intentions
  • Create sacred space for a fresh start
  • Restore Chi balance


  • Find the synergy of personal disturbances with the environment
  • Release personal patterns and clutter
  • Release disturbances in the environment & personal energy, including earth, metaphysical and technological
  • Suggest Natural Feng Shui adjustments to align the physical environment with personal intentions and the supportive flow of the 5 Elements

For Consultations

Viviane is happy to discuss your situation with you.

Check for current schedule of occasional workshops including:

  • Transforming your Home
  • Transforming your Life
  • The Feng Shui You Naturally Know


Feng Shui consultant offering feng shui services - serving the San Francisco Bay area including:

  • South Bay - Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Gilroy
  • San Francisco Peninsula - San Mateo, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Woodside, Menlo Park, Belmont, San Carlos, Atherton, Redwood City, Foster City
  • East Bay - Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, San Ramon
  • North Bay - San Francisco, Sausalito, San Rafael, Mill Valley
  • Also - Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Monterey Peninsula

Viviane has consulted throughout Northern California and the Bay Area counties of San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Marin, Alameda and Contra Costa

Also by arrangement at your location in the United States.