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Viviane Chen

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Comments from a variety of clients are included below. They provide the nearest experience to the potential of a consultation.

Comments from a variety of past clients are included below. They provide the nearest experience to the potential of a consultation.

A client wrote:

Thank YOU Viviane - You are certainly a strong part of Mother Earth and we are all lucky to have you. A thousand thank you's for your time, energy and expertise. You certainly opened the windows and doors to my home, heart and soul. So much more than I expected. Time with you is better than a full day at the spa! I'll be forever grateful.
Colleen Bagan-McGill
San Carlos, CA

Another client wrote:

I enjoyed our clearing work very much and have been really appreciating my living space in new ways. Ever since the clearing I feel such benevolence emanating from the walls... it feels like my home is ready to support me whenever I need it... I am enjoying the fresh energy in my home. I feel like I have a lot of "material" to work with... a lot of new ideas about furniture and decorations have been coming through.
Thanks again
Linda J.

Another client wrote:

Thank you for coming and enlightening our life... and helping us get through a lot of our problems. Already things have started to come together, from decisions to making choices... the dark curtain next to (our daughter's) crib has done wonders for her sleep. She sleeps more in the night and seems more energetic when she wakes in the day. You worked miracles in our home... we are working on planning for the future, such as career and home choices... you really cleared so much for us... I enjoyed your knowledge, wisdom, and honest opinions about everything around us... Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart... for opening our eyes and guiding us towards a better and more fulfilling life.
K. S-R

Another client wrote:

I just wanted to write to thank you for all the time and energy you spent with me yesterday. It brought to light many issues I have been dealing with, or better yet, not dealing with for way too many years. You helped... me to open up the doors to a whole other level of my existence and tap into my deeper self. I felt so many emotions yesterday, and it was an incredible release and experience! I felt so much better after the work was done, and I'm sure it will only get better as my body, mind, soul, and spirit continue to heal and grow. (6 months later)... I've been exploring many different things lately, and really trying to expand my outlook on what I want to do, what I want to be in my life... and I know that a lot of this has come from my work with you almost 6 months ago. I have to thank you again, since I truly believe that the work we did together opened up many things within me that I was ignoring for so long!
Warmest Wishes,
Jeannie S.
San Francisco, CA

Another client wrote:

...It is so so so much easier to work in my home now. I am accomplishing so much more. Words cannot express the extent of my gratitude. Your work has made an enormous difference in my life. I feel order, balance, and energy in every room. Before you came I was feeling hopelessness and lethargy; now I am constantly active, except when relaxing, and I feel fully present in each activity and relaxation. Thank you again and again.
Love and gratitude,
Pamela L.
Los Angeles, CA

Another client wrote:

Most importantly, I feel (your work) made me focus my attention and energy in a more positive and constructive manner... subsequently many of these business concerns have been positively and constructively addressed, business volume has improved, desirable staffing changes have been made and attitudes righted... In the end destiny is what we will have it to be. Through your ceremony, I am reminded that I do choose my path and that path can be one characterized by grace.
Maija-Liisa Kujansuu
San Francisco, CA

Another client wrote:

I also want to let you know how much I appreciated your non-judgmental and genuinely enthusiastic energy, which you brought to our home. What you said about just noticing when I was doing something to clutter up the hallway and make a choice; it's been a gentle way to indeed get my awareness to perk up and listen... Here's a list of some of the benefits I've noticed...: - First of all: NO MORE SCIATICA AND BACK PAIN! - Now that my back is better, I can bend over and begin organizing... de-cluttering - I'm realizing that my life is such that I need to do little bits at a time... We really enjoyed your lightness of spirit and generosity.
With gratitude,
S. & M. H.
Petaluma, CA

Another client wrote:

We feel very good in our home. I find myself stopping every so often and noticing a sense of calmness that I have never felt here, or anywhere that I can think of... (4 months later)... We are still "moving in" from the Space Clearing and really loving it! You would not recognize our place and we're not nearly finished. I really can't thank you enough for the work on our home and for the readings on us. I've been doing a lot of other growth work and the things you said to me still resonate. I've released a lot. I just today really felt for the first time in my life that I AM GOOD ENOUGH and I am doing enough and that I love what I do!!!!!
Thanks again,
Sarah Tanner,
San Rafael, CA

Another client wrote:

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming over and spending some time with us. I cannot express my feeling with the things I am experiencing right at this moment. We are all feeling so energetic and were all fresh and bright this morning when we all got up...thank you for helping us and showing us...
Thank you
S R and Family
Oakland, CA

The following comments are from a presentation to the San Francisco GIANTS Administrative Staff - A 2002 Human Resources Program:

...Again, thank you so much for yesterday...you were terrific and everybody is in agreement on that, as you will see... I thought she was great and would love to have her back for Chapter 2. She is a true professional! ... I enjoyed the presentation and got some useful information to apply to my workspace and home life. I didn't really believe her with the pendulum and the rod until I tried it myself!!! and I was amazed that the two (energy) spots she had (identified) on the floor of the training room were the EXACT spots where (we) stand when we do... training!!! Absolutely have her come back! I thought it was very interesting. I actually wish I wasn't too shy to ask questions. I like the way she told stories because it helped to relate... I would like to attend another seminar. I wish today's would have gone longer! I really enjoyed Viviane's talk. It is particularly important that she is so open regarding interpretations and not ridged[sic] about approaches and philosophies. I'd definitely like her to come back...gotta go, must move my desk... I think it is a very complex subject that needs more time to be explained fully. I think she gave a good overview and was serious about it...didn't make it like a trendy, pop culture kind of thing. I would definitely like to learn more... Chapter 2 is a must. I bought a new plant on the way home tonight. She was wonderful!!! Thank you for making such a difference in our lives. ... I didn't expect to learn anything... I was wrong. Feng Shui concepts require the student to keep an open mind and I thought she did a great job communicating that necessity... I'm definitely signing up for one of her seminars this fall. Thanks so much and I would love a "Chapter 2"! Perhaps she can look at more workspaces next time... the staff loved that. I really enjoyed Viviane's presentation. I knew little to nothing about Feng Shui before the presentation. I felt that I learned the basics in the time we had. Maybe she can come back for a series of talks... Thanks again for bringing Viviane to the Giants. I found Viviane's presentation fascinating. It has definitely made me more curious about Feng Shui...
Thanks again
Linda J.